We are committed to maintaining the most talented and diverse team in the academic and professional consulting industry. By principle, our team is comprised solely of members with outstanding contributions and demonstrable excellence in both academia and the private sector. On some days, our team may look like a boutique of academics that collaborate with each other as if in a think tank, while on others we deal primarily with real world analysis.

All of our principals have Phd or Masters Degrees in quantitative fields at leading universities. Although most of us specialize in theoretical or applied statistics, our staff also includes experts in pure mathematics, econometrics, philosophy, Biology, Management Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, History, Arts, Political Sciences, mathematical finance, psychometrics, qualitative analysis, and applied mathematics. We share a primary interest in the application of quantitative analysis to solve business problems, and our team has extensive experience testifying and providing editing and consulting services to students, individuals and businesses worldwide.

Our principals have excelled in the business world as well as in academia, and this is one of our biggest strengths. Most of us have extensive Wall Street or other premium experience prior to joining this company, and our cloud-based business structure enables us to recruit experts from all over the world to join our team. We’re not just academic statisticians, but rather we can speak to you in your language, and we can communicate our results in that language.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to clearly communicate our findings, and regularly present the results of our analyses to partners and executives. We can specify and understand the issues facing your business, because we’ve faced many of them ourselves.

We don’t strive to have the largest Firm in the consulting industry. We do strive to have the smartest Firm in the consulting industry. Our perspective is that demanding this background is imperative for us to be successful in the types of projects that our clients bring to us.

The rigor of the quantitative methods needed for most of our engagements often requires that the problem be worked on by someone at the absolute cutting edge in their academic field. In addition, the ability to seamlessly communicate with management at our client companies is a vital skill. This is particularly true when the underlying quantitative methodologies used to solve the problem optimally are not something that management is familiar or comfortable with.

Our Culture

We maintain a collegial, cloud-based atmosphere that encourages extensive cooperation among our team. We love to solve problems, and the more complex the problem is, the more fun it is to find an elegant solution. Many of our clients consider us to be their quantitative hired guns, on call whenever needed, and from any corner of the globe.

We’ve been referred to in the press as “Quant Hired Guns”, and “Management Consultants on Steroids.” Most of us had a passion for problem solving at a young age, excelling in chess and other mathematics-based games, and have kept that love alive to this day. Our principals started the company for precisely this reason. Our team atmosphere is beneficial to us in many ways, and helps us to find out of the box and creative solutions.

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